About me .

Holaa .(:  I’m Tierra , I’m 13 and go to Junior High School . My favorite colors purple . I love to play volleyball , soccer , and basketball . I love pizza , and Chinese food . Family and friends are everything to me . I love music . My favorite holiday is Christmas .(: Nicki Minaj is my idol . My favorite subject is Social Studies . I sit next to Riggins in this class , hes pretty cool (add panther player page ) , well that’s all byee !


5 thoughts on “About me .

  1. Tierra,
    Hey my name Grace, I like your about page a lot. (: I really like volleyball and basketball too! Although I’m not a big fan of soccer, I still like watching it(: Please comment back at http:/gracescs16.edublogs.org/ (:

  2. Tierra,
    Hey I really like your theme too! And I also like your name. (: We also have another thing in common, we have the same favorite foods and holiday! See ya! (:

  3. Ahhh! Tierra! Where to start with this! hmmmm… how about the fact that you forgot to put track in the sports you play! Yeah. Your beast in that sport even if you don’t like it! But you should change that ASAP! if you dont…well just wait until one day at track! Well im going to go now! Peace and Blessings(:

    PS- This comment was for that one challenge thingy!

  4. Hey I’m commenting on your post for challenge. Um… I don’t no wat to rite but i guess it is a cool post. Well ok then have a good day.

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